Design Fixation: {Pictures of My Travels} Down South


{Pictures of My Travels} Down South

The fastest little bird I've ever seen.

Beautiful Banyan Trees.

Colorful foliage by the ocean.

A bike ride at sunset.

A little fishing with the boys.

Who would've thought we'd be wearing pants and jackets in Florida? But after speaking to a local guy (with a striking resemblance to The Dude) we found out that the week we picked to visit was "unseasonably cold." Of course. But luckily it got warmer as the week went on, and then our flight home was canceled... so, tragically, we had to spend another day by the pool. All photos were taken by me except number four, taken by M.


  1. The Dude thinks this blog really ties the internet together.

  2. Hopefully there won't be any pinky toes involved...

  3. Great pictures. Loved "fishing with the boys"...

  4. Thanks! Too bad we didn't catch any fish :)


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