Design Fixation: Mr. Wanger Has Taken My Breath Away


Mr. Wanger Has Taken My Breath Away


Photographer Max Wanger's work has been popping up all over the web, and with good reason... after doing a bit of research, I have begun to see just how much talent he really has. His body of work is vast; he maintains his unique style, while still encompassing a wide range of subjects and ideas. Sentimental and moody, with a hint of whimsy. If you are so very inspired by his work that you just must buy it, fret not my pet. Head on over to his shop where you can buy prints, postcards and even shirts.

That first photo just stirs my soul. Isn't that the most incredible feeling? And those umbrellas...


  1. hi there! found your blog via s.hoptalk... you have such a lovely spot -- i especially like your title! cute!


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