Design Fixation: {Make Yourself At Home} A New Bathroom on a Budget


{Make Yourself At Home} A New Bathroom on a Budget

Above is my budget-friendly bathroom re-do.

And the less-than-attractive "before" pictures.

Do you have a rental bathroom that you'd like to spiff up without breaking the bank? Broke because you just bought a place but still want to update the bathroom? Well this is your lucky day, because I've assembled a list of budget-friendly tips to create a more space-efficient and attractive bathroom.
  1. First things first - pay attention to lighting. Replace burned out light bulbs and put a scented candle in a pretty vase or cup from your kitchen.
  2. Add some life to the space. A plant goes a long way to improve a space visually. Try taking a cutting from an existing plant, and keep it in a vase of water until it grows roots; once this happens, it can be planted in soil. Or try bamboo if your bathroom lacks natural light.
  3. Remember that anything reflective makes a space seem bigger. This is more than just mirrors... metallic and glass surfaces work also.
  4. Utilize any space that might otherwise be wasted, such as above the toilet, between the sink, toilet, and tub, or even above the door.
  5. If you plan to hang shelves, consider using glass. Because it's clear, it's less imposing than other alternatives. Check your local glass store for extra glass remnants. And try some unusual brackets; they will add interest and make the shelving system look more expensive than it really is.
  6. Hide your ugly bath products, and display the pretty ones. De-cluttering can work wonders when you are trying to improve the look of a room. Try plain fabric boxes such as my brown ones, shown in the top photo.
  7. Paint the room a soothing color that matches your towels, rug, etc. Be sure to stick to 2 or 3 colors so as not to overwhelm the eye.
  8. Add some artwork. It doesn't have to be a collector's piece; try making your own drip painting in coordinating colors as I have done above.
  9. Think about hiding plugs that you seldom use. I put my painting in front of it....

Good luck everyone, I hope this inspires you to think outside the box.


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  2. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. hamptonbaylighting


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