Design Fixation: {Good Taste} Oronoco Rum


{Good Taste} Oronoco Rum

It's time for another edition of {Good Taste}, and you know what that means.... it's Friday! What do I like about Oronoco Rum? Well, its label of course. Actually, I like the entire bottle... its unique shape, its muted color scheme, and its classic feel. I can imagine George Clooney sitting on a leather couch drinking Oronoco and soda.  The label reminds me of something, but I can't quite place it.... Well, moving on.... there are drinks to be made. Here is another drink recipe by moi.

Faith's Fatal Faux-jito
(That's pronounced "fo-heat-o," as in a false mojito. It's a hard fake word to write.)

-1 oz white rum
-1 oz champagne
-1 oz honey
-1/2 lime, sliced
-12 mint leaves

Place mint leaves, lime and honey in bottom of glass and muddle. Then add rum and champagne. Garnish with a lime slice.

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