Design Fixation: {Good Taste} Kraken


{Good Taste} Kraken

Big Moose comes through again, with another great pick. The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Apparently there are no others, according to Kraken. Now this one I have not tasted, so I can't vouch for its quality (I'm a Sailor Jerry girl). But I can, however, discuss its good looks. After all, isn't that what {Good Taste} is all about? Let's start with its figure. Two finger-sized handles so you can easily slip your pointer finger through at the liquor store while you try unsuccessfully to find a cooler bottle. The bottle also says The Kraken, so if you peel the label off you won't be able to fool people into thinking that it's just a flower vase.

Onto the label. Who doesn't like a good octopus? And the black ink of the image presumably aludes to the name and color of the alcohol itself, and maybe even the octupus' ink. And the designers did a nice job of harmonizing multiple typefaces; I tend to shy away from the use of many fonts in one piece, but here it works.Via Lovely Package.

Now for the recipe. The Kraken Coke. I'm pretty sure I don't need to write out the recipe, the name speaks for itself. You can't go wrong with a classic rum and coke.


  1. Damn good product. Krack 'n' Coke goes down a little to easy.


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