Design Fixation: FREE Printable Blog Planner


FREE Printable Blog Planner


I have a wee little surprise for all you bloggers out there... I've channeled my inner artist and doodled my way to a blog planner sheet! Download the file for free, print it out, and get organized. The planner includes a one week calendar for documenting your weekly posts, a place for your own blog post "recipe," a spot to record all of your most valuable resources, and an "et cetera" section. And if you feel so inclined, laminate your planner sheet and use dry erase markers for easy editing. Click here for the free download. Enjoy!

Please feel free to email me at with any questions.


  1. Ooo! Thanks!
    This'll be handy. (I've been neglecting my blog this week).
    I'll print this right out!

  2. Very cute and useful! Thank you!


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