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Fashion Parallels

Image via SwipeLife. 

Image via SwipeLife. 


New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time, and this one did not disappoint. While thumbing through the pages of Lucky Magazine (the subscription I ended up with after Domino tragically went under), I ran across the Cynthia Steffe Fall 2010 line. I was immediately drawn to the clean lines and classic patterns. I'm partial to plaid these days (okay that's an understatement), and I've always loved a good horizontal stripe.

Then, one dreary day later, I came across photos from the Michael Bastian Fall/Winter 2010 show. I felt drawn to the plaids and stripes and-- wait one hot minute. I seem to have made a connection. The Michael Bastian and Cynthia Steffe lines bear a striking resemblance to one another. Now I'm aware that Michael Bastian uses more color, but many of the textures and lines are quite similar. Do you think that perhaps the good people at Cynthia Steffe may have traded notes at Starbucks with those from Michael Bastian? In all seriousness though, they must draw inspiration from similar sources because I see many parallels in their work. Oh those man-vests... pitter patter goes my heart. 

What do you think? Do you notice characteristics that carry over from one line to another?

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