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Eamon Mac Mahon

I ran across the work of brilliant photographer Eamon Mac Mahon a while back via Ill Seen, Ill Said and I can't stop thinking about his brilliant aerial series. I like the ambiguous nature of his images, it's difficult to place exactly what his subjects are. When I first saw the top image, I thought I might be looking at a close-up of an albino porcupine. Not really. But isn't it interesting how you can trick your eye into believing different things? Maybe the last one is an albino elephant? Just kidding people, just kidding. But speaking of circus animals, did anyone see that story about the zebra that escaped?


  1. Hi Faith,

    We love Eamon's images too!
    Saw your post and thought you might be interested in a business we just launched that sells his images :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by Emily... love your site!


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