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Circus Inspiration

Dear Anthropology,
I am wondering how you consistently create amazing catalogs? And window displays. And products, of course. You always have a fresh idea up your sleeve.... you never cease to amaze me. Please respond promptly with your source for constant inspiration. Thanks in advance.
Faith @ Design Fixation

Anthropology's latest catolog really struck my fancy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just finished reading Water For Elephants, an excellent book by the way. Or maybe the appeal runs deeper.... back to my younger years when I used to watch the Big Apple Circus set up across the street from my childhood home. Or even further back to this unbelievable discovery that I was able to see in person. The sets are magical, and even the graphic design is stellar - the diagonal text in the second image is really rather daring, as far as catalogs go. What they won't think of next....

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