Design Fixation: {Blog It Forward} What Inspires Me?


{Blog It Forward} What Inspires Me?

Welcome to those of you who are stopping by for the first time! And to my daily readers - thanks for not kicking me to the curb.

Isn't it refreshing to be part of a new and innovative endeavor? Well, today's my lucky day because I have the opportunity to do just that - I'm participating in the first Blog It Forward Mashup. Many thanks to Victoria at sfgirlbybay for organizing this exciting project, and to Creature Comforts and Heart Fish for giving her a hand. The project shares a connected stream of blogger posts about 'what inspires us most,' linking back and forward to the other blogs participating. So in the spirit of the game, be sure to check out yesterday's Blog It Forward post from Design Crush, and don't forget to drop in on the fabulous Diary of a Budget Fashionista tomorrow. Here goes nothing.

I'm a list person. Always have been, always will be. I used to write lists in my Trapper Keeper, and it's only gone downhill from there. So it seems appropriate that I divulge my inspiration to you in list format. So here 'tis....
  1. Saturated, brilliant, bright color.
  2. A thought-provoking, visually ambiguous piece of art.
  3. The unexpected little gifts of nature.
  4. The constant cultural inspiration of the city. Alicia Keys sings this sentiment best in Empire State of Mind: "these streets will make you feel brand new / the lights will inspire you..."
  5. The gut-wrenching, all-consuming, unconditional love of family and friends.
But we all know what a picture's worth, so here come some images that are most inspirational to me:

 That thick, luxurious blue paired with an airy white orchid is
perfection. Zach Motl's bathroom, via The New York Times.

My bedroom shares this color scheme... and so
does my blog. No wonder I like it. By Jaimers.

I adore my new Roost candle holders, especially against
the rusty red walls of my living room. Photo by me.

An entire wall of photographs.... how deliciously indulgent.
The home of Carter Smith, via Habitually Chic.

Stamps, playing cards and the color orange all in one place? Yes please.

 Joy Thigpen chose a daring color combination...
with fabulous results. Via Design*Sponge.

Laughing 'til you cry with old friends... it can't be beat. Image by me.

Beautiful in so many ways.... Via Curved White.

The small wonders of our world never cease to amaze me.... these 
little creatures can run like the wind. Photo by me.

This looks like a piece that would have hung proudly in the Skidmore 
Communication Design studio. By Harmonie Interieure.

Cheerful wallpaper makes me grin. Via Apartment Therapy.

Still haven't had enough? Click here for the full Blog It Forward schedule.


  1. Great list! I especially love the playing card stamps. I hate when postage is ugly; it just messes up an otherwise beautiful letter! Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us!

  2. Thanks for taking a peek! I know, isn't there something so romantic about a well-designed piece of snail mail?

    PS - I like your post on soap making.

  3. That shot of fun wallpaper is fantastic! I love accent walls.

  4. Isn't it great? It's such an energetic color.

  5. that photo from curved white is so cool!


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