Design Fixation: Bling Display on a Budget


Bling Display on a Budget

What does your jewelry collection look like? Are your necklaces balled up into a knot? Mismatching earrings strewn about? Boys, are your cuff links, watches and man-bracelets piled up in a heap on your dresser? Here are some attractive and budget-friendly ways to display your bling instead of hiding it away.

Buy an inexpensive shadow box frame and
hang jewelry on pins. Photo by me.

Borrow a few colorful plates and bowls from your 
kitchen cabinet. Via Martha Stewart.

Once you've finished egging your neighbor's house, use the empty
egg carton to separate earrings or cuff links. Photo by me.

Make your own jewelry tree. Do-It-Yourself 
instructions on Centsational Girl.

Or if you have a spare bust laying around, hang your 
necklaces around her neck. Via Martha Stewart.


  1. That's so true!

    I have tons of jewelry, and it's either all bunched up in a treasure chest, or in a cup or something. The only thing I have on display is the set of pearls my partner gave me for my bday :)

    But I will definitely be trying this out. Although I have no spare bust around, I'm thinking of using the egg cartons or even the plates, very cool ideas!


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  2. Glad you're thinking of trying out some of these ideas... they really do help!


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