Design Fixation: Twenty-Ten



"good thing it's the new year, the idea of starting over is a favorite one of mine. i've been spoiled with goodness so far in twenty-ten. good people. good food. i must admit, after staying up all night for our rockin' new year's eve discussing all sorts of topics, from tiger woods to the m dash, and the classic crashings of pots and pans, i was slightly slow to begin january first. i started the beautiful winter day--"

- Marta, of The Dear Diary Stories: Marta Writes

How would you end this sentence? I started January 1st by driving to Boston's North End to help fetch a ditched vehicle.... who wants the burden of driving home when champagne is flowing faster than the nor'easter outside? And on a side note: I wish I had discussed the m dash on New Year's Eve!

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