Design Fixation: {Good Taste} Lovejoy Vodka


{Good Taste} Lovejoy Vodka

Welcome to the very first installment of {Good Taste}. It'll show up weekly each Friday, just in time for you to plan for happy hour. With a little help from my resident wine and spirits expert Big Moose, I'll showcase a single type of beer, wine or spirit, chosen purely for its label. I'll be completely honest with you - I tend to walk out of the liquor store with only beautifully designed purchases. The same thing happens when I'm choosing new beauty products. But I digress.

The first product I've chosen is Lovejoy Vodka. In fact, the makers of this brand are so focused on looks that they've created four different labels for the same type of vodka - for the sole purpose of satisfying each and every customer's aesthetic taste. Sigh. I wish everyone shared this good sense.

And if you're so very enthralled by these labels that you're moved to purchase a bottle, here is a recipe that might come in handy... the Double-O-Seven, my go-to drink. It's bubbly, sweet and it contains a healthy dose of vitamin C, so go ahead - have one!

- 2 oz Vodka
- 2 oz 7-Up
- 2 oz Orange Juice
Mix in a tall glass and pour over ice. Cheers!


  1. I'll make sure we have vodka, 7-UP and oj when you visit in Feb.

  2. Sounds great, thanks! There's nothing better than a cocktail by the ocean.


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