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Craft Attack

Do you ever become preoccupied with a certain craft or project, and find it hard to think about anything else? Lately, for me, knitting and origami have consumed my free time. Two very different crafts I know, but when you think about it they're not all that different - bending and manipulating a plain material into something beautiful and unique.

Since my new knitting obsession began, I've knit two hats and I'm in the midst of knitting a scarf using a double seed stitch. The first hat was for my other half, who was suffering through the frigid winter hatless. He's worn it multiple times, so I'll call it a success. Photos and pattern to come. The other hat was a bit too small for my head, but maybe it will fit someone without a giant pumpkin head. Just kidding, I don't have a huge head. I don't think.

My origami exploration is limited to a box and an envelope, but both were successful. More on that later, also....

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