Design Fixation: Balloons Galore


Balloons Galore

Why wasn't I invited to this party? Didn't they know that I love balloons? Also imagine this scene in a  monochromatic palette - perhaps yellow. What a happy birthday that would be! Image via you are my fave.

And another little bit of thought-provocation from you are my fave on the idea of being indie:

Before I post this list, let me just say I love indie people. I'm a quarter indie myself. Actually, that's probably wishful thinking. I'm more like 1/10 indie, 1/2 prep, 1/8 nerd, 1/4 Target fan.

An indie girl's resolutions for the new year:

- learn French
- only wear vintage dresses, throw away my jeans

- start a band with a recorder, accordion and tambourine
- become vegan
- discover at least one unknown band a month, deny liking them if they ever make it big
- go to yoga at least five days a week
- only use my bike for transportation
- be more mysterious
- ask yourself everyday, "What would Zooey Deschanel do?"
- quit my day job and just be awesome for a living

Well I guess I'm about 1/16 indie according to that list. I took French in high school, I've been eating less meat lately, and I go to yoga at least five days a year. 1/4 crafty, 1/4 nerd, 1/4 prep and 3/16 art snob is more like it.  


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