Design Fixation: Gargantuan Announcement


Gargantuan Announcement

As of, well, right now, this blog has switched gears. Fealing a bit stifled by its current focus on art and culture events in Boston, I have decided to give the blog a makeover. Instead of concentrating on Boston area events, the blog will serve the broader purpose of sharing anything design-related whether it be in Boston, Paris or Tokyo. The need for consistancy was suppressing my creativity - so why not edit the intent of the blog slightly to allow myself the freedom to include everything that I find fit to pass along to you?! You will still find occasional updates on my own personal work, but the majority of the posts will delve into such juicy subjects as graphic design, typography, interior design, photography, and much much more.

I have also decided to change the name of the blog to something more descriptive; the new name of the blog is.... drumroll please.... DESIGN FIXATION! Don't forget to change your bookmarks and rss feeds to the new web address:

So here's the nitty gritty:
[NEW NAME OF BLOG] Design Fixation
[NEW FOCUS] Inspiring design from all ends of the spectrum.

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