Design Fixation: Shepard Fairey in Action! (Almost)


Shepard Fairey in Action! (Almost)

My timing is almost always wrong. I'm early to parties and late to work. But one recent sunny Saturday morning my timing was absolutely, unarguably, impeccably perfect. I was driving downtown with my other half when I spotted a group of people crowded around the site of a dilapidated Shepard Fairey piece in Allston, Massachusetts (see map here). Upon closer observation, we concluded that the piece was being completely re-done. I, of course, assumed that Fairey himself was working his magic in the streets of Allston. As we walked closer, though, it became clear that he wasn't there - his friends were hard at work instead.

Despite his absence, observing the process in real life was fascinating. Buckets of wheat paste were surrounded by piles of prints just waiting to be chosen; and pieces of rejected prints lay strewn about. Take a look at the photos above. The man in the pea soup-colored shirt was rumored to be Pedro Alonzo, the curator of the show at the ICA...

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