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Chelsea Art Walk

This past weekend, I had the privilege of taking part in the Chelsea Art Walk. My work occupied one of the pristine loft units at 950 Broadway, in the Industrie Lofts building. The Art Walk was a wonderful success; it attracted hordes of art lovers, and the art was inspired and engaging. I immediately fell in love with two artists at the Industrie Lofts building - John Diehl and Sandra Cohen.

John Diehl is most well-known for his "Blurscape" series, a group of oil paintings reminiscent of the view from a speeding car. The colors are lush and brilliant, and the concept is fresh. A sample of one of his blurscapes is above (via his blog). Visit to gaze adoringly at more of his dazzling paintings.

Sandra Cohen's work, although distinctly unlike Diehl's, finds me equally as captivated. Cohen's work explores how the spread of ideas can be understood through the metaphor of viral replication. Take a look at her website,, to view her mesmerizing prints.

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