Design Fixation: Adobe Photoshop?


Adobe Photoshop?

Finding out that a piece of art is created using Photoshop when you don't expect it is a thrilling discovery. Art made using Photoshop filters is common, but rarely is it subtle or becoming. Using Photoshop effects imperceptibly takes knowledge and ingenuity that most do not possess. But Vivian Pratt expertly melds various iterations of the same subject into a striking piece of art. Without feeling the need to question the medium, I was left to admire the beautiful artwork. Not until I spoke with her later in the evening did I find out that she had used the Adobe software. She was not shy about sharing her process with me, but she stopped short of revealing exactly how she manipulated the images. It makes me wonder how much the origial subject resembles the final piece....
One of her images is posted above, but the internet does not show the nuances of the piece. Please go see it in person at the Bromfield Gallery if you get the chance!


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