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I'm Back!

After taking a blog-hiatus to concentrate on redesigning my website, I am back in the blogosphere (with only a partially created site, so stay tuned).

During that time I exhibited a piece in a show called "Outdated" in Chicago; I continued my exploration of the passage of time using a slightly different mode of execution. By using a Polaroid camera, I was able to accentuate the notion of time in the piece (both for the camera's antiquated nature, and for its instant film). With the Boston skyline as my subject, I photographed it over the period of time between daylight and darkness. The result was a series of four images, labeled with the time the photo was taken using the ITC American Typewriter font to further the feeling of nostalgia. I plan to explore this idea of the passage of time in more depth, possibly in a larger series of images....

UPDATED: See my polaroid piece here on my now-finished website.

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