Design Fixation: 35mm vs. Digital Art


35mm vs. Digital Art

After the first piece in my Archaic Future series was accepted into a show at the Bear Gallery in Beverly, Massachusetts, I pursued the concept in more depth. After purchasing an enlarger, I set up a darkroom and continued printing. The amount of time that it takes to carry out the entire process is generally under-appreciated, and I think that is an appealing aspect of darkroom printing. An immense amount of effort and time goes into creating a print; this is an important concept in today's impatient world. Aesthetically, the range of tones achieved in the darkroom cannot be replicated in a digital rendering. That being said, digital art (and the use of Photoshop) has obvious advantages that could never be achieved using a 35mm camera. By using the same image for both processes, I aim to heighten these interesting differences. Each medium has its place in the art world, albeit very different ones.

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