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10 Incredibly Unique Wedding Invitations

Since I'm in the process of designing wedding invitations for our wedding that's coming up in July, I've had invites on the brain. I think that the correspondence before the wedding sets the tone for the event itself, so it's important to give it the right vibe. So consequently, I've been spending a lot of time trying to decide on the direction. Maybe too much :)

But anyhoo, here are some unique invitations that have been inspiring me lately. Hope they get your creative juices flowing too!

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2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls

2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: My Domaine
Sure, we've seen navy blue walls before. But they're becoming more and more popular lately, and I think they'll continue on this trajectory in the year to come. It seems to be the "new black," and with good reason... it's a bit more approachable than pure black, and it has a lovely nautical vibe to it when used in conjunction with materials like rope, brass and wood. We have navy blue(ish) walls in our downstairs bathroom, so you can be sure that I'm a fan. Keep scrolling to check out lots of navy blue wall inspiration!

2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: The Glitter Guide
2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: Home
2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: Yellow Brick Home
2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: Soho Home
2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: Coco Kelley
2017 Trend Prediction: Navy Blue Walls /// At Design Fixation
Photo: Lark & Linen 
Craving more? Check out how navy blue and purple look together in a post I wrote a while back...


Top 10 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

10 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas /// From Design Fixation
Photo: Faith Towers
I don't know about you, but I'm still wrapping gifts for Christmas - which is now a mere three days away. But the good news is that I've finished most of my other holiday preparations, so I'm excited to play around with some creative gift wrapping ideas. Today I've rounded up ten of my favorite ideas that have been inspiring me this holiday season. Click "read more" to check them out!


How To Incorporate Candles Into Your Holiday Décor

How To Incorporate Candles Into Your Holiday Décor By Design Fixation

What is it about the warm, yellow glow of a lit candle that feels so very holiday? The moment December hits, I'm the girl who surrounds herself with a dozen candles to achieve that warm, flickering glow. So when Chesapeake Bay Candle approached me to test out a few candles from their newest line, called the Heritage Collection, I leapt at the chance. I figured I'd like them, but I didn't know just how much I'd love them. To illustrate that fact, today I'm sharing with you some unique ways to incorporate candles into your holiday decor. Each idea is super easy, but elevates the candle that much more.

For this first idea, you'll need a cake stand, some greenery, a few gold jingle bells and some mini ornaments. I used the Cypress & Oak Coffee Table Jar Candle for this one, because of its shorter height and multiple wicks. It has a pleasant aroma that is just strong enough to give the room a subtle perfume. Simply place the candle in the center, and arrange short, six inch evergreen branches around it. Keep layering them until it looks pleasing to you. Top with ornaments and bells, and you're finished!

The next look uses a taller Balsam Fir candle which smells just like the holidays from my childhood. All you'll need for this one is a slab of wood and two artificial red berry branches with wired stems. Bend them around the candle base and adjust the smaller branches until they look the way you'd like.

How To Incorporate Candles Into Your Holiday Décor By Design Fixation

The effect is festive and colorful, without being fussy. This one plays the part of a centerpiece on my dining room table.

How To Incorporate Candles Into Your Holiday Décor By Design Fixation

The third idea uses the Cinnamon Spice double wick candle, which is my absolute favorite. I'm a big fan of cinnamon to begin with, and this captures that spicy holiday scent perfectly. It is oval shaped, so I put it on a rectangular plate and surrounded it with rosemary. I highly recommend grabbing some the next time you're at the grocery store… it's so versatile for the holidays. This delicious-smelling candle sits next to our white tree in our living room, because that's where we spend the most time :)

How To Incorporate Candles Into Your Holiday Décor By Design Fixation

You'll also get a hint of that yummy rosemary smell as the metal tin warms up.

And the last look uses their votive set. For this setup, I placed them among other plain pillar candles and tea lights in glasses on the mantle. I arranged more evergreen branches around them to add some texture, along with a couple of gold accents.

How To Incorporate Candles Into Your Holiday Décor By Design Fixation

I hope you're inspired to dress up your candles a bit this holiday season… all it takes is a trip to the craft store or even just the produce aisle at the grocery store! And if you're on the hunt for a last minute gift, Chesapeake Bay Candle also has gift sets available.

Happy holidays friends!

This post has been sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Design Fixation up and running!


Gift Guide /// For Him (Under $100)

1. Work Hard Play Hard Duffel /// Gent Supply Co. $99
2. Whiskey Wedge /// Corkcicle $18
3. Yeti Colster Can Cooler /// Yeti $30
4. Custom Playing Cards /// Snapfish $25
5. Graham Beige Dial Watch /// Tommy Hilfiger $65 (on sale)
6. City Map Glass /// Uncommon Goods $14 
7. Wool Bow Tie /// Bartek Design $25
9. The Magnificent Multitude of Beer Print /// Pop Chart Lab $90
10. Sanuk Slip-On Slippers /// Zappos $60

Here we are, into the second week of December... how did that happen?! If you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet, then I have a couple of posts that you might love. Today, a guide filled with stylish gifts for the men in your life. And in case you missed it, last week I shared a gift guide for her. 

Hope you're enjoying the holidays friends!


Holiday Gift Guide /// For Her (Under $100)

Design Fixation Gift Guide: For Her (Under $100)

1. Paddywax Small Concrete Candle /// Urban Outfitters $14
3. Umbra Geo Stopper + Charm Set /// Urban Outfitters $20
5. Meteor Shower Jewelry Bowl /// Liquorice Mood Studios on Etsy $19
7. Hexagonal White Marble + Mango Wood Coasters /// Waiting on Martha $22
8. Striped Marble + Wood Bookend /// West Elm $49
9. Dauville Gold Bud Vase /// Waiting on Martha $30
10. La Boheme Rose Gold Watch /// Cluse $99

It's hard to believe that it's that time of the year again... but there are Christmas carols playing on the Sonos and the tree is up - so it must be true! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite goodies for the ladies; topping the list are a stunning rose gold watch from Cluse, a fun little digital/instant combo camera from Polaroid and a genius bracelet that holds your hair tie (therefore preventing the dreaded dented wrist syndrome). And best of all, everything is under $100!

Looking for some gift ideas for the guys in your life? Check out my gift guide for him here. 


5 Ways To Add Charm & Personality To Your Home

Photo: Glitter Guide
It's easy to get into a rut when it comes to decorating. If you're a fan of a particular home goods store, it's easy to just order up everything you like from the catalogue and be done with it. But that always leads to a lack of charm and personality in a space. There are a few easy ways to infuse your home with some extra style that's uniquely yours, however... here's how:

1. Display souvenirs from your travels. Don't hide those mementos from past trips in the closet - hang them proudly on the wall or place them amongst the books on your shelves. While they always add visual interest and a worldly sensibility to a space, they also provide personal meaning to a room and can be great conversation starters. Not to mention, every time you look at them you'll be reminded of the wonderful experience you had while on vacation. 

Photo: Vintage Revivals
2. Add vintage pieces. Hang a vintage map of your hometown on your wall, or grab a few pieces of crystal cut glass from the antique store to create a unique centerpiece. Creating a bit of contrast with more modern pieces always adds visual interest. Just make sure they match your color scheme to some degree.

Photo: My Domaine
3. Go BIG. When in doubt, hang something large and eye-catching on the wall. Here, a flag adds some serious drama - but you might also consider a large painting or even a woven tapestry. The sheer size alone will be cause for conversation when friends come to visit.

Photo: Suburban B's
4. Don't be generic. Sure, you could buy six matching chairs from IKEA. Or you could buy four uniquely shaped black ones and two unusual leather ones. Why not break out of the mould and try something that's a bit different? Take your time looking around on eBay, Etsy, consignment shops and local boutiques to find pieces that are truly unique. 

Photo: Fernanda Marques
5. Try unexpected colors and textures. Is there a wallpaper pattern that you drool over every time you see it? Or a favorite flower color that you just can't pass up when you visit the florist? Use those clues to identify a bold color or pattern (or both!) that you could add as an accent wall or a statement furniture piece.  

The overall key to adding charm and personality to your house is to pick furniture and accents that are unique to you. Dig a little deeper. Surf the net a little farther. And most of all, allow your true self to shine through! 


8 Fall DIY Projects Perfect For Thanksgiving

Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us... and I don't know about you, but I'm knee-deep in fall-themed DIY projects. We're hosting Thanksgiving for family here at our house again this year, so I'm trying to spruce up our festive fall decorations. 

I recently created the pinecone garland above for Houzz... head over here to check out the tutorial. And click "Read more" below to see seven other gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner-worthy DIYs.


7 Beautiful Leather DIY Projects For Your Home

Wood and Leather Suspended Shelf by Camille Styles
Leather is one of those versatile materials that can be used for so many different applications, but it is (in my humble opinion) very underutilized. Perhaps that's thanks in part to its price, or the fact that people don't know where to buy it. But I'm here to solve both of those problems! If price is the issue, simply buy secondhand belts and leather jackets at your local thrift store and upcycle them. Or you can get less expensive scrap pieces from many fabric stores. And if you're having trouble finding it... look no further than Amazon! Try this or this.

Note: If you're not a leather fan due to moral reasons, most of these DIYs can be done with vegan leather as well! Click through to check them out.
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