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House Tour /// Our Dining Room

As we slowly finish each room in our house, I've been sharing little tidbits here on Design Fixation. (Although I use the word "finish" lightly... nothing's ever truly finished, is it?). So today I thought I'd show you some photos of our dining room. I've shared the sources at the bottom of the post as well.

One of the things I love most about this house is all the character that comes along with its age... so the floors in this room had me at hello. When we first ate in this room with Mike's parents, my mother-in-law-to-be commented that it felt like a cozy pub - so we went with that vibe, and filled it with darker wood tones and less color than the rest of the house. 

The accent wall was there when we bought it, and it was the first thing that caught my eye when I saw the real estate listing online. We added the gold convex mirror and sconces, along with an Anywhere Fireplace insert for some ambiance since the original fireplace is no longer working.

We love to mix up cocktails on the weekends and experiment with new recipes. We've accumulated lots of fun booze thanks to Mike's job in the wine and liquor industry. I'm into whiskey drinks these days.

We found a vintage map of our town from the mid 1800's and our house is on it! We framed it and hung it over the chest of drawers. According to public record, the original section of our house (including this room) was built in 1830. I love looking at the worn floors and wondering about all the stories that accompany each scratch and dent. 

Thanks for checking out our dining room! The sources for most of the furniture and accents are linked below. To see more of our house, head over here. More rooms coming soon!

Table: Craigslist, originally Restoration Hardware /// Ornate Altar Chairs: Brimfield
Smaller Chairs: Craigslist, originally DWR /// Chest of Drawers: Sauder 
Map: Ward Maps /// Fireplace: Anywhere Fireplace /// Convex Mirror: Amazon
Bar Cart: Sauder /// Drawing Above Cart: Zaria Forman /// Sconces: Amazon
Tree Candle Holders: Camp To Castle Vintage /// Terrarium Vase: Christmas Tree Shop 
Gold Textured Vase: CB2  /// Curtains: Handmade By Yours Truly


Big News... I'm Teaching A Skillshare Class!

I've been itching to tell you guys some big news, and now I can finally let the cat out of the bag - I'm teaching a Skillshare class! A couple of months back, someone from Skillshare asked me whether I might be interested in teaching a class. And while it felt like it was a big leap outside of my comfort zone, I decided to go for it!

Fast forward two months after lots of video takes and some massive yarn messes, and I have officially published my first class! In it I teach students how to create a fun bohemian style woven throw pillow using basic sewing and weaving skills. I'm a big fan of functional DIY projects, so this one fit the bill perfectly - a weaving that is transformed into a throw pillow for your home.

So if you're interested in taking my class, head over here to watch the quick intro video. The free Skillshare membership lets you watch any of the many hundreds of free classes, while the premium membership gives you access to all 10,000 classes (including the full content of mine). So if you'd like to become a premium Skillshare member, simply click the blue bar at the top of this page. (My referral link will give you a great deal... 3 months for 3 bucks!). 

And if you're not keen on making a throw pillow but you'd still like to join Skillshare, click here and then click on the Skillshare logo in the top left and you can browse their amazing selection of courses. 

Thanks for checking it out, friends!


How-To: Easy DIY Tassel Fringe Necklace

Hey friends! The other day I was rifling through my jewelry-making supplies and I ran across a pair of hoop earring components with loops across the bottom that I've had forever. I've been wanting to make a tassel-style necklace, and that's when it hit me - attach the tassels to an earring, and voila, a fringe-y tassel necklace was born. So today I'm going to share the tutorial with you.  

Here's what you'll need for your tassel fringe necklace:

Begin by cutting three 6" long pieces of one color of embroidery floss, and do the same for the rest of the colors.

Fold the three pieces of the first color in half and thread them through the first loop of the earring. Slip the tails through the hole that is formed by the folded strings.

Pull the ends taut. Repeat this process for the other four colors. Separate the threads of the strings a bit so they look more like fringe than string, and then trim them along the bottom so they are even. I trimmed a few strands slightly shorter so they didn't look quite so perfect.

Next, use your pliers to attach one end of the chain to the hoop with a jump ring. This is a good time to try the necklace on to make sure the length is how you like it. Trim a bit of the chain off if it is too long, and attach the other end of the chain to the hoop using the other jump ring. Use your pliers to cut off the single loop on the top of the hoop.

And that's it - your tassel fringe necklace is all finished. I told you it was easy! The end result is elegant with a bit of a boho chic vibe, thanks to the length and texture of the tassels.

It's a great example of how thinking outside of the box can lead to a positive outcome... I probably never would have made a pair of earrings with these, but now I have a fringe-tastic necklace instead! 

The customization possibilities are endless for this necklace - switch up the colors, use gold instead of silver, or adjust the length of the fringe. I might even make fringe out of chain next time. I mean, I do have another earring left to use.

One more tip for you - if your embroidery floss isn't laying flat, use an iron on a very low setting to flatten it out. Then spray it with a quick shot of flexible hold hairspray.

Interested in other fun jewelry DIYs? Check out this statement necklace and these glitter earrings.

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10 DIY Alternatives To Traditional Curtain Panels

Paint a design on plain old roller shades. Image found here.

Every time I try to switch out my window treatments, I get frustrated with the price and generic-ness (I know, that's not a word) of store-bought window panels. Why must we pay so much for a piece of fabric? So today I'm sharing ten unique DIY alternatives to curtain panels. Click "read more" to check them out.


Dinner & A DIY /// Scallop Sweet Potato Bites With DIY Gold Party Picks

Wayfair is one of my go-to websites when I'm shopping for our house, so when they invited me to create a recipe for a bite-sized appetizer, I jumped at the chance. Although I don't share a ton of food-related posts here on Design Fixation, I do love to cook. It's yet another creative outlet for me. So today I'm going to share with you a recipe in conjunction with a quick DIY project, of course (because I just couldn't help myself). Here goes.... my recipe for seared scallop and sweet potato bites with pea purée and DIY gold party picks. 


A Design Lover's Guide To Nantucket

On Wednesday I took a day trip to Nantucket - and I didn't want to leave! You guys, this island is like a little slice of heaven on earth. I expected pretty ocean views and cobblestone streets, but what I didn't expect was the attention to design and visual aesthetics that pervaded practically every inch of every store. I spent almost as much time ogling the light fixtures and wall treatments as I did shopping and eating. So today I thought I'd share a list of must-see spots in Nantucket.  Keep reading to check 'em out.


5 Fantastic Home Décor DIY Projects

In the mood to give your space a bit of a face lift? Here are five gorgeous DIY projects that have been floating around the internet lately... and they are making me swoon. Click on the link below each photo to check out the tutorial.


10 Spaces With Bright Pops of Sunny Yellow

Image Sources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6 /// 7 /// 8 /// 9 /// 10

Am I the only one's who's been crushing on yellow lately? Maybe it's these warm summer days.... Here are ten fantastic rooms with pops of bright sunny yellow. And that last image is a shot from my latest article for Houzz - the rest of the house is just as colorful and fabulous. Check it out here. 


Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration

Lately we've been thinking about renovating our upstairs bathroom. It's one of those spaces that is just okay. But it could be better. Much better. We're planning to add a glass shower, a new vanity and lighting, and some pretty tiling on the floors and the shower walls. So I've been on the hunt for inspiration.... and here's what I've found.

Image Sources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6 /// 7

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